The Stone Cup

Lyons' Front Porch


Building Community and Caring for the Planet Seven Days a Week from 6am - 4pm.

Kitchen is open from 7am - 2pm!

Pickin' and Painting

Live Music

Nov 4 - 10am – noon, Antonio Lopez, Modern Folk/Acoustic Soul

Nov 5 - 10am – noon, Slippery Creek, Bluegrass

Nov 5 - 12:30pm, Ashlynn Manning, Pop/Folk/Gypsy Jazz

Nov 11 - 10am – noon, A Human Named David (David Berg), pianist/story teller

Nov 12 - 10am – noon, Lucas Miller, Bluegrass/Americana

Nov 18 - 10am – noon, Billy Shaddox - American Folk Music

Nov 19 - 10am – noon, Hope Griffin Band, Folk

Nov 25 - 10am – noon, Harmony and Brad, Acoustic Pop-Rock

Nov 26 - 10am – noon, Amy Francis, Country/Jazz/Blues

In the Gallery

November - Allen LaFolette

Artist Bio

I started artwork at a young age.  I got in trouble in kindergarten for drawing pictures in the borders of my assignment papers. The teacher just said, “Allen, these pictures are really good, but do your work first, then you can draw.”  Forty five years later, I still have to work first, then I can paint!  Growing up in Lyons Colorado, there was never a shortage of scenery to inspire, but I was also very lucky to have wonderful family to encourage me.  My Grandmother was a very good artist and probably could have been a professional and my father is also talented. I remember a small drawing he did on a notepad while eating lunch at work.  It was a tree with lots of detail.  I was fascinated!  Throughout the years I’ve received such wonderful encouragement from family and friends, it keeps me in the studio.  I hope you take some comfort, peace, and tranquility from my paintings.  “The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.”  Claude Monet.  Thank you!  Al