The Stone Cup

Lyons' Front Porch


Building Community and Caring for the Planet Seven Days a Week from 6am - 4pm.

Kitchen is open from 7am - 2pm!

Pickin' and Painting

Live Music

Sept 2 – 10am – noon, Antonio Lopez, Modern Folk/Acoustic Soul

Sept 3 – 11am – 2pm, Aural Elixir, Jazz-Rock-Folk Fusion

Sept 9 – 10am – noon, Amy Francis, Country/Jazz/Blues

Sept 10 – 10am – noon, David Coile, Rock-Folk-R&B

Sept 16 – 10am – noon, KC Groves, Bluegrass

Sept 17 – 10am – noon, Thomas Gronberg, Folk Rock/Americana

Sept 23 – 10am – noon, Maya Bennett, Folk-Blues

Sept 24 – 10am – noon, Harmony and Brad, Acoustic Pop-Rock

Sept 30 – 10am – noon, Jon Cumming, Americana

In the Gallery

Allan Robertson - Acrylics


Artist's Bio:

Despite winning an art prize at school at the age of 15, I did not take up painting till I was 45.

For all of my life, I have been a regular visitor to art galleries around the world.

My favorite medium is acrylic, not just because it produces a pleasing end result, but because it is easy to apply and quick drying. I particularly enjoy the option to mix and alter paint directly on the canvas.

As well as doing original works. I enjoy paintings based on the work of famous artists.I like to produce my interpretation of the famous works, based on a detailed analysis of the technique employed by the original artist.

I love painting.

Allan Robertson