The Stone Cup

Lyons' Front Porch


Building Community and Caring for the Planet Seven Days a Week from 6am - 4pm.

Kitchen is open from 7am - 2pm!

Pickin' and Painting

Live Music

Feb 3 - 10am – noon, Ben Knighten, Alternative/Acoustic Folk-Rock

Feb 4 - 10am – noon, Ryan Hutchens, Americana/Folk

Feb 10 - 10am – noon, Amy Francis, Country/Jazz/Blues                        

Feb 11 - 10am – noon, Antonio Lopez, Modern Folk/Acoustic Soul 

Feb 17 - 10am – noon, Natalie Padilla, Folk/Oldtime                    

Feb 18 - 10am – noon, Emily Barnes, Folk                                       

Feb 24 - 10am – noon, Harmony & Brad, Acoustic Pop–Rock        

Feb 25 - 10am – noon, Brett Hendrix, Country     

In the Gallery

January-February: Same Moon 2018, Rachel Tallent 

Join us for the Opening Reception, Saturday, January 27, 6-8 pm.  Wine, beer and apps will be served. Plus art. Lovely art. 

Artist Bio

Plain and simple, we all live in a very strange and unpredictable world right now. Sometimes a world full of fear, hate and doubt, but also a world full of great, miraculous beauty, kindness and hope. Always hope. Dark nights are always followed by bright, shimmering days, and at the end of it all, we are all here on the earth together, under the same moon and sky. We are all fighting the good fight. Let's all try just alittle bit harder to fight it together. For you, for him, for her, for everyone. Together. GIDDY UP!

"Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you have anyway," ~ Kent M. Keith