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Live Music

March 4 - 10am – noon, Antonio Lopez, Modern Folk/Acoustic Soul

March 5 - 10am – noon, Amy Francis, Country/Jazz/Blues

March 11 - 10am – noon, Ben Knighten, Acoustic/Alternative/Folk-Rock

March 12 - noon – 2pm, Enion Pelta-Tiller, Classical                               

March 18 -10am – noon, Jay Stott, Americana

March 19 - 10am – noon, Billy Shaddox, American Folk

March 25 - 10am – noon, The Story of Two, Acoustic Pop -Rock

March 26 - 10am – noon, Michelle Allen/Erik Johnson    

In the Gallery

March/April  - YOU ARE HERE - Carla & Hannah Ogden

by Hannah Ogden

by Carla Ogden

Carla Ogden has been a resident of Lyons for almost seventeen years. She worked in psychiatric nursing for over forty years before retiring and becoming a Professional Grandmother. For many years she has enjoyed gathering various art supplies, hunting and gathering trinkets and treasures for ‘someday’ projects. Now that someday is finally here. Her line of ‘You Are Here’ shadow boxes use those meticulously gathered treasures to transport us to cafes and other places here in our little town and around the world. This is Carla’s first Art Show, partnering up with her daughter Hannah.

Hannah Ogden is a Colorado native, who grew up in Lyons. A graduate of Lyons High and CU Boulder, she now lives in Aurora but Lyons still feels like home. Hannah grew up loving arts and crafts of all kinds. She has dabbled in photography, pencil sketching, watercolor, scrapbooking, collage and most recently crochet. Her contributions to the ‘You Are Here’ Art Show each feature map segments despite being constructed in a variety of mediums and styles. This is also Hannah’s first Art Show.